Arithmetic Play

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Arithmetic Play


An addictive game that makes you challenge yourself and push yourself harder. The game includes simple calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, inequality and number ordering but with the introduction of a timer to the whole setting, it gets really interesting. Your performance is evaluated on the basis of correctness and the time taken to finish the task. You not only have to give a series of correct answers but you also have to make sure you are doing it fast, if you lose time you might not be able to level up. 

The game has 3 different levels that you could choose from and you can also win bronze, silver or gold medal based on your performance. 

Simple. Addictive. Amazing.


• Different calculations to storm your brain like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Inequality and Number ordering
• Level up to 1, 2 or 3
• Win Gold, silver or bronze medals based on your performance 
• Share your scores with friends on Facebook or challenge them to beat your score 
• Beautiful and simple UI 
• Crisp sounds and easy settings 
• Supports iOS 7 and higher 

The fun games included in Number Play:

• Addition: Quickly add the numbers in front of you and tap on the correct answer
• Subtraction: Subtract the two numbers on top and choose the right option from all the choices below
• Multiplication: Multiply the numbers and tap on the correct answer. The faster you do, the better you score
• Inequality: Check for inequality between the two sides and tap on the correct answer
• Number Ordering: Order the numbers in ascending or descending by tapping on them one by one

Benefits of the Number Play game for kids and Students 

• Increases efficiency
• Through more and more practice, you get adept with calculations
• Pushes your brain to work faster
• Helps you manage time and meet deadlines