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Build with lamp light and milk

Smart Unite

WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are most popular social networking platform for web and phone users, but it has long been missing desktop clients… until now, anyway. For Mac users, you can now make it through Smart Unite, directly from OS X.

Arithmetic Play

iOS Maths

An addictive game that makes you challenge yourself and push yourself harder. The game includes simple calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, inequality and number ordering but with the introduction of a timer to the whole setting, it gets really interesting.

Smart Reminder

iOS Mac

Smart reminder is a simple and effective app that lets you add reminders to your desktop so that you never forget anything again. It integrates directly with your Menu and stays completely out of your way when you don’t need it. It is easy to use, fast and you can use any theme you want for it.

Smart Lister

iOS Mac

Smart Lister is an effective app that lets you to list items swiftly into Amazon store. It addresses all of your need to list items automatically, you just need to scan the barcode and it’s all done.


iOS Mac

If you need to change data format or file format to some other format then you are at right place to do so. It just need a click to get it done using this app.

Green Copy


Save Paper - Save Tree - Save Earth - Go Green Scan notes, books, receipts, whiteboards, or documents and convert them to PDF files.