Smart Lister

Scan, list and send products on Amazon store

Smart Lister


Smart Lister is an effective app that lets you to list items swiftly into Amazon store. It addresses all of your need to list items automatically, you just need to scan the barcode and it’s all done. We have also released a Smart OCR App for iPhone (, which gets connected with Smart Lister app and user just need to scan barcode from his iPhone app and things will automatically get reflected in Smart Lister App. This app with Smart OCR app could save your hours by automating things otherwise user has to list manually on Amazon’s website, and that takes a lot of time.

User must have an account on amazon seller. Needs “access key” and “secret key” to configure the application and seller ID to upload on Amazon server.
This version is for Amazon only.

Connect your iPhone(having Smart OCR app) and Mac, for connection just on wifi on both devices.
Launch Smart Lister on your Mac machine.
Launch Smart OCR on your iPhone.
Connect available devices from your Smart scanner app.
Once it gets connected user can scan barcodes and information would get reflected on Smart lister app (running on Mac machine).

It is HIGHLY recommended to keep your first Smart Lister shipment small (under 25 books). 

Now on Smart Lister main application page we have following things to fill :

Default Price, Quantity, and Cost Per Unit
Default Price - It is recommended to keep the default price to $25 or lower. Amazon will sometimes disable listings if the price is too high.

Quantity - If you have more than one copy of a title, you can change the quantity.

Cost Per Unit - Enter the cost per unit.

SKU Prefix and SKU Number
Select your desired SKU prefix. It is recommend to keep the SKU prefix the same for every batch. That way the labels will all print out in the exact same order as they were scanned in. This will prevent you from having to "hunt and peck" for each label when you are labelling the books for FBA.

Condition and Condition Note : Here you have the option of selecting the condition and condition note. For condition, select good, very good, like new, acceptable, etc.

LIST on Amazon
When you are finished listing your items, click the "List on Amazon" button. This will upload the items into your Amazon seller account. You will also see the option of "Fulfilled by Amazon" or "Fulfilled by Merchant"
Fulfilled by Merchant - If you select this option, your items will be uploaded in your account as live merchant fulfilled items. You can then proceed to convert those to FBA and create a shipment.
Fulfilled by Amazon - If you select this option, your items will be uploaded in your account as FBA items. They will be inactive until they arrive at Amazon's warehouse.

Setting Minimum and Maximum Price
Setting a minimum and maximum price will prevent Amazon from deactivating listings due to pricing errors. You can set a min and max price by selecting to the "options" button on the bottom of Smart Lister.

Preview Product Information
Smart Lister automatically shows product information after every scan. This includes title, author, binding, publisher, picture, and rank. If you prefer not to see this information, you can deselect this on the “Preview Product Information” checkbox.

Import and Export
User can export all the listed items as TSV file and can edit it using any other data apps like excel, numbers etc.

User don’t need any bar code reader hardware to use Smart Lister.
Smart Lister is a big time saver for people who want to sell anything on Amazon.
User can make a bulk book listing in few minutes.
User can import some external item list into main item list or vice a versa.
User can search items on Amazon server through bar code, product ID, product name.
User can configure default preferences.
User can edit any profiled information that comes from Amazon server.