Green Copy

Generate PDF docs with amazing effects

Green Copy


Save Paper - Save Tree - Save Earth - Go Green
Scan notes, books, receipts, whiteboards, or documents and convert them to PDF files.

Key Features: 
●Share PDF files with your friends or team members.
●You can apply special effects like adjust brightness, contrast & isolation on captured PDF pages.
●You can garnish PDF with watermark, header, footer text with different colours and opacity.
●Upload your PDF files on dropbox or google drive.
●Internet connection is not required for scanning 
●Scan history saved and have offline support.

For Teachers
• If you are a teacher and need to prepare notes for your students then just capture your notepads and whiteboard using Green Copy and share as a PDF file. 
• If you are a teacher and need to take various lectures on same topic then just make a copy of your white board in a lecture and save it on dropbox to use it in another lecture.
• Can create mock tests for your students or can share solutions or descriptions with them by just capturing them from your notepad or whiteboard.
• Can prepare assignments for students. 

For students 
• Time has gone to make xerox of notes, just capture things using Green Copy and save paper.
• You can share problem solutions with your friends by capturing your working copy.

For business people 
• Share your white board calculations with other team members.
• Create and share rough designs with your desigeners. 

For artists 
• You can prepare a wonderful PDF by applying various effects on images.
• Can add header, footer, watermark etc creatively to design a perfect presentation. 

For everyone else 
• Create your documents. 
• Share documents, bills, receipts etc. 
• Save things for future use.