Perform inspection



DrawClerk, by Summit Lender Services, LLC, is intended for customers of Summit Lender Services, LLC’s full DrawClerk construction draw and inspection management software. This is not a stand-alone app and is only intended for financial institution use. The DrawClerk app allows inspectors to perform on-site inspections of construction projects, recording the results directly into their iPhone or iPad device.

Highlights include:
1. Perform the inspection right on your iPhone or iPad, have the results instantly uploaded to the database
2. Take pictures and make notes about the progress of the project, either for specific items or in general
3. Create a permanent data record for the inspection, no more stapling printed out pictures to spreadsheets!
4. View lists of assigned and unassigned inspection requests
5. Use mapping function to find the location of the project to inspect
6. View previous inspections and draw requests on the project

What's New in Version 1.1

* Confirmation of loss of data if the user hits the back button before submitting the inspection
* Adds a message if Mapping function cannot find the address
* Removes rounding to 5% increments of previous inspections